Why isn’t there any meat on the menu?

We use soy and textured soy protein, they are eco friendly, low fat, high in protein and so delicious.

I am allergic to a lot of different foods, can I eat at your store?

Most likely, download our allergens chart for specific details.

I have celiac disease, are any of your foods gluten free?

Yes you can, at your own risk. our kitchen is not 100% gluten free but we do offer a Big Burger that is gluten free, in a gluten free bun, some our sauces are also gluten free.

Can I have my sauce on the side?

Yes you can, ask when you order.

What are the nuggets made of?

Soy protein.

What are your patties made of?

Secret recipe including soy protein and spices.

I can’t eat salty foods, can I still eat your fries?

Yes you can, ask when you order and they will put the fries directly into the packaging without any salt.

Do you have vegan options?

Yes, pretty much all of our food can be ‘veganized’ see allergens chart for details.

Have you won any awards?

Yes! We have won numerous awards including ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant’ from the Lifestyle Channel, ‘Best Hot Chips in Melbourne’ from the Herald Sun.

Do you do catering?

No, we do not cater offsite however we are able to make large orders for pick up. Call 1300 667 552.

Do you still have a Lord of the Fries food van?

No. We started in the van, we had a great time and it led us to opening stores.

Why don’t you use cheese curds in your French Canadian fries?

We could not find cheese curds without animal rennet.

How can I get a job at LOTF?
Are there any franchises available?
Is this an American chain?

No, it is an Australian family owned company.

Do you have any franchises?

Some stores are franchise stores and some are company owned.

How long has LOTF been open?

We started as a food van in 2004, opened our first shop on the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders in Melbourne in November 2005.


How many stores are there?

We are spreading quickly, best to check out our locations page. Click Here

What hours are you open?

Hours vary between stores, check locations for specifics. Click Here

Are kids welcome?

Of course! We have kids ourselves. There are high chairs at our bigger dine-in stores.

Does Lord of the Fries deliver?

Sorry, our fries taste best when fresh cooked. So no, we do not deliver.

Does Lord of the Fries do take away?

Absolutely. We serve our fries in a cone – perfect for walking and eating, otherwise get the whole meal in a bag and eat on the go.

How can I pay for my meal?

We accept cash (no $100 notes) Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept Diners or American Express.