Bruce and Baksho discovered Lord of the Fries while stranded in Melbourne on a cold winters day in 2015. Bruce a vegan for almost 30 years, took one bite and knew and knew he had to bring LOTF to New Zealand. Bruce had worked in the design world for 20+ years, and Baksho had run several retail outlets, neither had any experience in fast food. A steep learning curve commenced including working at the Flinders Street Store downtown Melbourne, late nights and long lines included.

Fast forward to October 2016, and the Big Red container doors swing open at our launch site at 1 Queen Street. Queues stretched around the corner and excited customers could not get enough of the fries, burgers and hot dogs our amazing team were cooking up just as fast as they could.

Shortly after that in December of 2016 LOTF K Road opening up in the iconic St Kevin’s arcade. Then in 2018, Big Red got a paint job and relocated to Queen Street, our downtown team moved to a new store at Snickel Lane on Commerce Street, and we opened up our Wellington store on the equally iconic Cuba St.

Lord of the Fries is a purpose driven company, Bruce and Baksho firmly believe that the food we sell makes a difference in the world, as we help the planet transition to a plant based diet. In it for the long haul, the rest of NZ can look forward to LOTF coming to your high street before too long!

Lord of the Fries, Saving the World Bite by Bite