The Fry-Eating competition is from 7th to 23rd December. Two exciting prizes await – one for the fastest fry eater and another for the most creative TikTok post.

Fast Fry Competition ends in
  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds
  1. Purchase a Regular Box:
    Head to your nearest “Lord of the Fries” and purchase a box of shoestring fries (Regular size).
  2. Set Up a Space:
    Find a place to film: REMEMBER THERE IS A PRIZE FOR THE FASTEST EATER BUT ALSO FOR THE MOST CREATIVE VIDEO, SO GO CRAZY!! It can be anywhere as long as it’s bright enough for us to see you enjoying your fries and displaying your timer.
  3. Record:
    Start your TikTok video by stating your name and showing the unopened, full box of fries. Begin eating as soon as you start the timer on a second phone (which should be visible in the video).
  4. Eating:
    The box of fries must stay on the table. The fries must be eaten with one hand only, until finished. Any fries that fall out of the box must also be eaten.
  5. End Recording:
    Stop the timer as soon as you finish eating all the fries. Show the empty box to the camera.
  6. Post & Tag:
    Upload your video to TikTok with the campaign hashtag #FryFastChallenge. Tag “@LordoftheFriesNZ” and challenge at least three friends in your caption by tagging them and asking them to take up the #FryFastChallenge. Make sure your video is set to public; this step is crucial for eligibility. If the video is not set to public, it won’t qualify.

Show us your frytastic skills and win a year’s supply of fries!
Plus an actual Lord or Ladyship!!!

Terms & Conditions
  • The prize is one regular portion of potato fries per day for one year, from 24/12/2023 to 24/12/2024.
  • The prize doesn’t accumulate; missing a day means forfeiting that day’s fries.
  • The winner must be present daily to claim the prize and present a photo ID for verification.
  • Participants must purchase a regular box of shoestring fries from “Lord of the Fries” for consistency.
  • Safety is crucial; participants should avoid endangering themselves, especially concerning choking risks. They should take necessary precautions and not excessively force themselves.
  • Videos submitted should be a single continuous shot without any edits, including speed alterations or cuts.
  • Each participant is allowed only one entry into the challenge.
  • Participants should maintain public profiles to ensure the visibility of their entry.
  • Original content creation is mandatory; any form of plagiarism leads to disqualification.
  • Entries should tag “Lord of the Fries” and employ the campaign hashtag, such as #FryFastChallenge.